Company philosophy

Silk fibroin innovative development platform ODM has become the strongest know-how for brand customers



We aim for a better living

為您創造更好的生活 生命之星

LifeStar Biotech is specialised in biotech medical products, commercialisation as main business, including all kinds of medical dressings, stem cell research and other related technologies. Beside the certified biomedical laboratory, also with Class10000 clean room, and GMP factory Certification. Through strategic alliances with clinical hospitals and colleges and universities, we transform the new biotechnology into the final products, then push into the market.

The company's core management team is mainly composed of high-level biotechnology researchers, all of whom have cross-disciplinary expertise, such as double degrees in R&D, intellectual property and business management. It is expected to be based on biotechnology, use business management, and create social value as its own responsibility.

LifeStar adheres to the corporate business philosophy of unity, integrity, technology, cross-border and innovation, and takes sustainability and disease treatment as its core concepts, and is committed to developing more excellent biotechnology products and providing affordable prices to benefit the people.



Three concepts


Based on Biotechnology, we aim to have a better living.



We deeply hope to bring a healthy and beautiful life to the people,Medical treatment will be our core business, in the same time that sustainability will be our business main force. Committed to the development of good biotech and affordable products to benefit the people.



Solidarity:the unity of company members
Integrity:Integrity of business philosophy
Technology:Pragmatic and Prudent Technology
Cross-border:Cross-border development of multiple fields
Innovation:Advanced Innovation with time