Natural Source Amino Acids - Silk Fibroin Peptide could improve Immunity│Clinical Experiment


1. An overview of the functioning and composition of the immune system
2. Nutrition and T cells
3. Clinical experiment of supplementing silk fibroin peptide could improve immunity

An overview of the functioning and composition of the immune system

The immune system is composed of immune cells, which can be roughly divided into innate immunity and acquired immunity.
Innate immunity is non-specific immunity ( Including neutrophils, monocytes, macrophages, dendritic cells,.. etc.)
Acquired immunity is specific immunity (It will differentiate against a specific pathogenic source, specific T cells, B cells and antibodies).
The human body activates the acquired immune system through the activation and identification of the innate immunity, and the acquired immune system will activate the innate immune system in large quantities, thus strengthening the operation of the overall immune system to fight pathogens.

Nutrition and T cells

Immunonutrition and immunity are very closely related to regulatory T cells, and T cell-mediated immunity is strongly influenced by the environment, such as nutrient absorption and dietary changes. The cytotoxicity of NK cells has been shown to produce cytokines and chemokines through T cell activation and the ability to lyse target cells, and is an important part of the immune system.

Clinical experiment of supplementing silk fibroin to improve immunity

One study investigated that changes in NK cell (natural killer) cytotoxicity and T cell-related cytokines following silk fibroin peptide supplementation.
A confirmatory clinical trial was designed with a daily dose of 7.5g silk fibroin peptide in a larger group of subjects (130 adults in total, 1:1 randomised control). The results of a clinical experimental study found that 7.5g of silk fibroin peptide supplementation per day enhanced NK cell cytotoxicity and IL-12 levels. NK cells self-contain perforin and granzymes, and the cytotoxic properties of these contents induce cell death and synergistically trigger endogenous apoptosis.

In conclusion, silk fibroin is an effective and safe functional food supplement material for enhancing immune function.