Silk fibroin innovative development platformSustainable development of Taiwan's medical care to create a circular economy

1. The association (TSTIDA) is registered as a legal corporation.
2. TTQS certification application, Silk fibroin academy established, cultivate cross-disciplinary elites, link up upstream and
    midstream industries, academia and research circles,promote MIT(Made in Taiwan) brand.

3. TSTIDA sponsors exposure at the Nano Biomedical Annual Conference Taipei/Taiwan.
4. TSTIDA participated in the Biotechnology Exhibition Taipei/Taiwan.

1. The Ministry of the Interior Taiwan approved the formation of the "Taiwan Silk Protein Technology Innovation and
    Development Association"(TSTIDA) to establish a biomedical technology industry- university alliance.

2. The association (TSTIDA) participated in the exposure of the biotechnology exhibition.
3. Cooperation contract with View Glass Limited Liability Company.
4. Cooperation contract with Kangjun Consulting Management ( Shanghai) CO., Ltd.
5. Cooperate with the Foreign Trade Association Taiwan to carry out the international promotion and exhibition of
    Taiwan's industrial image.

6. “Ambao” pet medical products well-establish and launch in the market.
7. Distributor contract "Ambao Pet Medical Products Contract" with Yijun Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
8. Distributor contract "Ambao Pet Medical Products Contract" with Long Yi Biomedical Co., Ltd.
9. Build a biotech ecosystem, a pet ecosystem, and integrate industrial resources in series.

1. LifeStar Class 10000 clean room approved, also the medical equipment GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
    manufacturing plant certified.

2. LifeStar’s silk fibroin technology combined with the 3D printing technology from Industrial Technology Research
    Institute Taiwan, together applied for the Ministry of Economic Affairs A+ Enterprise International
    (Taiwan-Czech bilateral cooperation) innovative R&D award and quenching plan [3D printing fibroin full-layer skin
    technology development Plan], the government subsidy was approved.

3. Authorisation sales contract with Japan corporation BIOMIMETICS SYMPATHIES in Japan.
4.  Corporation contract with GARRIGA 3000 S.L in Spain.
5. Corporation contract with Umbrellaline 2010 S.R.O. in Czech Republic.
5. Corporation contract with Global Care BVBA in Belgium.
6. Corporation contract “Hospital Distributing Major Dressing “ with Yin Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
7. Distribution contract “ LifeStar’s Silk Protein Medical Materials Series” with DiversiNet International Limited.
8. Sales contract "LifeStar Patent Silk Fibroin Raw Material Supply” with Biotech Lab Inc.

1. LifeStar corporate with PWC ( Pricewaterhouse Coopers ) and Oracle, fully import cloud ERP to prepare for IPO.
2. LifeStar was awarded the A-level verification of the TIPS intellectual property management system
    (certificate number: TIPS-2018-verification-007).

3. LifeStar and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Industry-University Cooperation Program and
   Technology Transfer: Evaluation of Silk Protein 3D Printing Process (R&D Product No. 8304, Chemical Product No. 515).

4. LifeStar corporate withCouncil of Agriculture Executive Yuan Taiwan for [the Mass production and quality
    optimisation development of silk protein form dressing.

5. LifeStar Major wound dressing applied for the Taiwan TFDA Class II medical device marketing license
    (Number: 1086814305).

6LifeStar was awarded the Golden Peak award managed by Outstanding Enterprise Manager Association ( OEMA) :
    The Annual Entrepreneurial Model and Annual Outstanding Innovation and R&D (Major Silk Fibroin medicalDressing).

7. Received the International Outstanding Inventor Award from Vice President of Republic of China ( Taiwan ) -
    Mr. Chen Chien Jen in Presidential Palace.

8. Received the Remarkable Innovative Technology Award from New Taipei City presented municipal Mayor with a
    certificate of Honour for entire Country of innovative technologies ( No. 1080512601).

9. CTI Comprehensive 36 Media in Taiwan program interviewed LifeStar entrepreneurial process and silk product

10. LifeStar was awarded the BSI British Standards Institute ISO13485:2016 version certification (certificate number:
      MD658571, certification scope: The Design and Manufacture of terile Wound Dressing).

11. Taiwan Review (Monthly Taiwan Review publication), Department of International Communications, Ministry of
      Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China, interviewed LifeStar as Grown dovish company.

12. Today Weekly interviews LifeStar.
13. LifeStar [The 5S3C Open Your Mind Mask Gift Box ] was shortlisted for The Beauty Awards 2019 in London.
14. LifeStar won the Gold medal of the Taiwan delegation in the enterprise group of the 71st Nuremberg International
      Invention Exhibition in Germany in 2019.

15. LifeStar Major wound dressing got the US FDA Class I medical device and marketing authorisation
      (Registration Number 3016099033).

16. LifeStar 5S3C beauty products won the 2019 SNQ National Quality Mark Certification.
17. LifeStar won the first place in Taiwan's Top Ten Biomedical Entrepreneur Rookies polled by Global Bio and Investment.

1. LifeStar won “the HSP Star award (Hsinchu Science Park) from National Science and Technology Council / Taiwan.
2. Taiwan's new patented pure automatic water exchange system forensics (No.: M560775).
3. New-type patent pure automatic water exchange system certification in mainland China (No.: ZL 2018 2 0292213.X).
4. Application for factory registration and approval and certified. ( No.: 65006680).
5. 2018 China Shanghai International Invention and Technology Fair - Gold Award - Major Dressing.
6. LifeStar held The Innovation and Creativity Competition in TungNan University, in order to seek gifted students.
7. LifeStar Extension Office (Address: 2nd Floor-4, No. 736, Zhongzheng Road, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City).
8LifeStar had participated in the 2018 Harbin Beauty Expo.
9. Hsinchu Science Park and China Times interviewed LifeStar.
10. Economic Daily News interviewed LifeStar and published on the newspaper and the e-newsletter both.
11. LifeStar won the top to influential Company in China Beauty Expo ( CBE) Awards Ceremony.
12. LifeStar represented Taiwan in the 10th Straits Forum, hosted by Chinese Federation of Labor. The forum topic -
      Major Silk fibroin wound form dressing.

13. Gold Medal in the 2018 Silicon Valley Invention Competition.
14. United Inventors Association ( UIA ) a special award: The Best international inventor.
      and the most valuable Entrepreneurs award.

16. Won the Special Award of Taiwan Innovation Technology Expo Conference: Outstanding Invention.
17. Taiwan's new patent: Silk protein surgical sewing machine forensics (No. : M570113).
18. New type patent in mainland China: Silk Fibroin surgical sewing device (No. : 201821327660.0).
19. 2018 Gold medal in the 9th International Innovation and Invention Competition ( IIIC) award held by Chinese
      Innovation and Invention Society.

20. The Guoguang medal award in 14th International Inventor Prize ( IIP ) held by Taiwan International Invention
       Award Winners Association.

21. The Best Biotechnology Award in 14th International Inventor Prize ( IIP ) held by Taiwan International Invention
       Award Winners Association.

22. Taiwan National Invention and Creation Award Silver Award.
23. Taiwan invention patent: double layer silk fibroin dressing and manufacturing method (No.: 107145723).
24. Mainland China Invention patent : double layer silk fibroin dressing and manufacturing method
      (No. : 201811547697.9).

25. US invention patent: Double-layer dressing containing silk fibroin and manufacture method thereof (No.: 16/224,441).
26. The Gold medal in the 9th International Innovation and Invention Competition ( IIIC Award)
27. The Guoguang medal in the 9th International Innovation and Invention Competition ( IIIC Award)
28. The Best biotechnology award in 9th International Innovation and Invention Competition ( IIC Award)
29. Taiwan New patent: Evidence collection of silk fibroin dressing with indicating function (No. : M574477).
30. Mainland China New Patent : Application of silk fibroin dressing with Indicating Function ( No.: 201821327660.0).

1. LifeStar Biotech and Cardinal Tien Hospital together have submitted the first phase IRB of the rare disease Muscular
    Dystrophy for review.

2. Research and develop No. 6798 ( Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering No. 083) The optimisation of a pure
    natural dressing and its functional improvement.

3. LifeStar Biotech and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology jointly applied for the industry-university
    cooperation project of the Ministry of Science and Technology :the development of a pressure hemostatic patch with
    high absorption, hemostasis and anti- adhesion (Ministry of Science and Technology No.:
    MOST106-2622-E-011-002 -CC2).

4. Taiwan patent approval: composition for promoting wound healing (No.: I580429).
5. Participated in the 21st China Beijing International Medical Equipment Exhibition.
6. Corporate Contract With Taiwan National Institutes of Heath : a non-exclusive stem cell extraction patent technology
    No. : I299752 authorised technology transfer.

7. Exhibited at the 2017 Taiwan Biotechnology Month Biotechnology Exhibition-Major Form Dressing.
8. Corporate Contract with Tri-Service General Hospital: Development of a low (none) serum human placental
    mesenchymal stem cell culture system and its application in autoimmune diseases. (No.: 1060918)

9. The 6th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan-
    Enterprise Group-Rematch-Major Form Dressing.

10. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incentive Program of Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology Practice Camp
      (Top 20 National) - Major Form Dressing.

11. Taipei International Invention and Technology Fair-Platinum Award-Major Form Dressing.
12. Participate in the FITI Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incentive Program Big Demo Day.
13. Won the Silver prize in the comprehensive field of the enterprise group of the 6th China Innovation and
      Entrepreneurship Competition.

14. Interviewed by Pro Guide Screen.
15. Interviewed by Global Bio&Investment.
16. LifeStar built a class 10000 clean room.
17. GMP Certification approved.
18. EPA factory application approved.

1. BMS Stem Cell Company Japan, participate in the Japan-Taiwan Stem Cell Research Technology and
    Medical Application Product Briefing and joint-venture with LifeStar for the corporation.

2. Ace Rally Limited's ( The head office of LifeStar ) industry-university cooperation case for the lease
   of liquid nitrogen barrels at the National Taiwan University Biotechnology Center.

3. LifeStar International Co., Ltd. was established (Ace Rally Limited Taiwan subsidiary).
4. LifeStar’s biomedical laboratory was established and completed.
5. Life Star International Co., Ltd. was selected by the Economic Development Bureau of the New Taipei City
    Government for Business builder and Management Guidance. The Guidance service including :
    Product development and Process enhance (Case number: 003).

6. LifeStar International Co., Ltd. and the Tri-Service General Hospital signed an industry-university cooperation
    project : Development of an innovative treatment method based on the experimental animal model of human
    adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells. Executed period : Aug. 2016 - July. 2017.

7. LifeStar obtain a drug dealer sales license.
8. Major wound dressing was successfully mass-produced for the first time through the pharmaceutical
    industry technology development centre of the consortium.

9. Approval of the New Taipei City total control application.
10. LifeStar was appointed by The New Taipei City Biotechnology and Medical Counselling Committee
      is as a top counselling company.

11. Published the July issue of Plastic Surgery Expert, Major dressing is on the cover page and topic.
12. The capital of LifeStar International Co., Ltd. increased from the original capital of 4 million to 20

13. Successful mass production in cooperation with the National Pharmacy Center.
14. Start ISO13485 related certification.
15. Participated in the 6th New Taipei City University of Industry and Economics EMBA
      Completion and Business and Technology Matchmaking Conference.

16. The trademark registration of LifeStar International Co. Ltd was completed
      (registration number: 01790252).

17. Participated The Women Entrepreneurship Program and Competition of the Ministry
      of Economic Affairs and won the Excellent Work Award.

18. National Taiwan University of Science and Technology assigned researchers to transfer
      the Major wound dressing process technology to the LifeStar Laboratory.

19. The president of BMS Stem Cell Company of Japan visited and signed the cooperation
      plan of stem cells and the exclusive agency of stem cell repair supernatant (BATOR BLEU)
      in Taiwan.

20. Participated in the Meet-Taipei New Innovation Exhibition in Taipei.
21. LifeStar Major wound dressing patent technology research and development results were
published in the international journal Journal of Bioactive and Compatible Polymers (2016)
22. LifeStar and Cardinal Tien Catholic Hospital Gynaecology passed the IRB cooperation.

23. LifeStar and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology joint-venture of the
      third- generation coagulation dressing technology development as the industry-university
      cooperation application which is held by the National Ministry of Science and Technology.

24. Major wound dressing prepares TFDA second-level medical material documents and
      conducts follow- up applications.

25. Major wound dressing trademark approval (registration number: 104076413).

1. Ace Rally Limited (the head office of LifeStar) and National Taiwan University of Science and
   Technology conducted a dressing industry-university cooperation case (R&D product No. 5496)
   to develop a pure natural dressing and application for the human skin.

2. Invited by Japan Bio Mimetics Sympathies Stem ( BMS) Cell Company to visit the stem cell
    laboratory and participate in the Japanese advanced medical technology briefing.

3. Major wound dressings apply for trademark and patent protection (Taiwan, China, the United States)
4. Taiwan patent: composition for promotion wound healing (No. : -104134031)
5. Mainland China patent: composition for promotion wound healing ( No.: 2015.10676179.7)
6. US Patent: Composition for promotion of wound healing (No.: 15052916)