Silk fibroin

  • Star raw materials for wound repair: silk protein and silk fibroin

    Macroscopically, fibroin can be roughly divided into two layers Outer layer: Sericin, 19~28% on average Inner layer: After degumming, the rest is Fibroin, accounting for 72~81% on average.
  • Natural Source Amino Acids - Silk Fibroin Peptide could improve Immunity│Clinical Experiment

    1. An overview of the functioning and composition of the immune system
    2. Nutrition and T cells
    3. Clinical experiment of supplementing silk fibroin peptide could improve immunity

    One study investigated that changes in NK cell (natural killer) cytotoxicity and T cell-related cytokines following silk fibroin peptide supplementation.
    A confirmatory clinical trial was designed with a daily dose of 7.5g silk fibroin peptide in a larger group of subjects (130 adults in total, 1:1 randomised control). The results of a clinical experimental study found that 7.5g of silk fibroin peptide supplementation per day enhanced NK cell cytotoxicity and IL-12 levels. NK cells self-contain perforin and granzymes, and the cytotoxic properties of these contents induce cell death and synergistically trigger endogenous apoptosis.
  • Medical Beauty Care Brand 5S3C Essence All in one|Silk Fibroin Peptides | Human Experimental Skin Care Pr...

    LifeStar 5S3C Silk Fibroin Essence can whiten, smooth, moisturise and restore elasticity of the skin, which corresponds to the needs of the general trend of consumers in a very high proportion.
  • Beauty and moisturising natural raw materials|Silk Fibroin

    The various amino acids contained in silk fibroin, they are similar in composition to the natural moisturising factor of the human body, so it can be used as a source of supplying natural moisturising factors. Among them, silk fibroin contains a large amount of glycine (Glycine) and proline (Proline), which are the main amino acids that constitute collagen.