Natural Silk Cocoon-Beauty Whitening Ball-Life Star Core Raw Materials.

What is Beauty Whitening Ball ?

It is using the real silk cocoon, a small exfoliating substance produced after artificial processing and sterilisation. 

How to use Beauty Whitening Ball? 

Only three steps : Heating-inserting-rubbing
Silk fibroin whitening fascial washing balls
  1. Soak the whitening ball in hot water (about 40-50℃) for 5 minutes until softened. 
  2. Put the soaked whitening ball into your finger. 
  3. Gently rub the white ball on both sides of the nose or the parts that need to be cleaned.

Why should I use Beauty Whitening Ball?

  1. It can exfoliate, not only remove dead skin but also acne. 
  2. Silk cocoons will release silk protein after soaking in hot water, which has a moisturizing effect, and skin-friendly. 

Precautions when using beauty whitening balls?

  1. It is recommended to use (single tablet) 1- 3 times after the first use to avoid the growth of bacteria.
  2. Please put it in a cool and good ventilated place after use.
  3. It is normal for natural silk cocoons to have a special smell after being soaked in hot water.
  4. For poor skin condition or sensitive skin, please consult a dermatologist before using it.
  5. Do not use it too frequently, and do not use excessive force when using it.

How to get Beauty Whitening Balls?

Follow the exhibitions or activities of Star of Life/Ambao, and there are small activities on site that can be given away for free~

Extend understanding of Beauty Whitening Ball. 

Where do those silk cocoons come from?

The raw material used by LifeStar silk cocoons, are all bred by local silkworm farmers in Taiwan, and after being inspected and certified (no pesticide pollution), then produce medical products.

The original intention of using silkworm cocoons?

Making the products that human beings need without harming the environment. When the cocoons are used up, they can be returned to the soil for recycling.

Why insist on using Taiwan Silkworm Cocoons?

Because of 「Made in Taiwan 」shouldn’t be just a slogan, especially in the biotechnology field. Using local raw materials, then it is real supporting Taiwan’s agriculture while building the total Solution. 

Aren't you worried that the sericulture industry is gradually declining?

In fact, Taiwan's sericulture industry has declined in the past ten years. The only way to turn the industry around is to increase economic value, and transform from artificial breeding to clean room breeding, so as to upgrade agriculture and create local creation.